No-Motor Reel Mowers – What are their Pros and Cons?

What sort of mower do you have? Is it a no-motor mower? Also called a reel mower, a no-motor lawn mower is such a popular item. It was discovered before every other mower we are seeing these days. It is classic manual equipment that mostly uses your physical effort to cut grass. In other words you push this mower so that it can mow your lawn.

A no-motor mowing machine is very quiet and safe; hence, it is recommended for homes with little kids and pets. If you are looking for a suitable mower for your yard, you may choose a reel mower. However, this equipment has its pros and cons that will become a part of the package. We have discussed these and more as shown below.

no-motor lawn mower

Best area for no-motor mowers

If your yard is a half an acre big, or smaller, you may get a reel mower. If the yard is larger than this, this sort of mower will be a bad choice. This is so because reel mowers are driven by the user and be so tiring when the yard is big. Another consideration is the type of garden soil you have. Is it sandy soil? In this case you need to do better than choose a reel mower.

Otherwise it will sink into the soil and this will toughen the mowing job. Another big challenge that cannot be met with this mower is grass height. Do you have more than four inches of grass to cut? If so you need not pay attention to a reel mower because it will not cut tall grass without multiple passes and endless sweat on your part.

Some mowers will not even cut any amount of tall grass; they will just flatten their blades. Finally, a reel mower cannot overcome obstacles like tall weeds, branches or a bulk of mulch. You will have to get rid of these manually, which will increase your work.

Benefits to owning a no-motor lawn mower

While a reel mower is not suitable for larger fields, it is great for smaller ones. In other words, you can trim small yards without spending a lot of money. Most of these machines cost less than three hundred dollars while their powered counterparts start at this price. Further, no-motor lawn mowers are easy to operate and maintain because they have no serious mechanical parts.

There are no air filters to clean, spark plugs to replace or even a need to change any oil. Reels require just you and your ability to push and walk behind them. As hinted above, a reel mower is the safest machine you could ever purchase for your lawn. Compared to a gas mower that hurls stones and debris, the reel mower is so calm when running.

Your kids or pets will be safe even if they accidentally come behind you when moving. A no-motor does not get hot and could not burn a nosy kid’s finger if she or he decides to touch the mower after being turned off. Reel mowers do not produce strange noises or emissions, too, which might disturb neighbors. Above all, reel mowers require very little maintenance job.

What may make a reel mower less desirable?

Motor Reel Mowers

Mostly this is the fact that one must push it. If one were not required to push it then it could be better than many items out there. Another thing is that you cannot mow a large lawn with a no-motor mower without getting tired. So it is restricted to owners of smaller yards or those who may want serious exercise.

A reel will be as quick as your physical energy can allow. It is not powered by electric motor or engine. What is more, cutting corners is rather difficult and with each pass you could only trim a smaller surface. So the task of mowing takes a much longer period to end.


If you have a smaller lawn and cannot spend a lot of money on a mower, try a no-motor mower. It has no engine and so there is practically no maintenance work.

Simple steps to Follow Trying to Open a Business in the Mowing Industry

If you have mowed your grass for a while, you could start your own mowing company. There are many homeowners who really don’t have the time to mow their yards as often as it is required. Besides, some have low quality lawn mowers and always generate poor quality cuts. There are other reasons why getting into lawn mowing industry can be so beneficial. The obvious benefit is that the start-up costs are relatively low while the profits are high. As long as you get the best mowing equipment you will be good to go. If you have been having these thoughts, we have few handy tips you could run away with. Here they are:

Lawn Mowing

Write a business plan

Every great business starts out with a properly thought out and written business plan. This plan must describe your business strategies, marketing approaches, and estimated starting and running capital. You may look for assistance with writing a good business plan as there are so many websites that provide it. In fact, you can visit websites that offer free business plan samples. Try to write one yourself and if you can’t, hire a good professional to help create it.

Apply for licenses in your state

Depending on where you live, or your state, there are licenses you are supposed to have prior to starting a new lawn mowing business. Then you will do tax registration prior to running any company. There is a clerk office, tax revenue office and the state department of regulation in each area. So you should trace these offices and do things the legal way.

Search for the best lawn mower

Since you want to mow commercially, you have to look for a mower that can do regular work without failure. There are so many machines on the internet that are claimed to be the best you could buy. Amazingly, some of the most expensive mowers may not be reliable enough when used commercially. When you open a business, you will have calls from clients who want an urgent mowing service.

With an unreliable mower you cannot attend to their needs on time. This is why you need to do adequate investigation prior to purchasing any mower. To save money, you might buy high quality refurbished or used equipment. Then as your business grows you can buy new lawn mowers. This decision will be yours to make. Any item you want can be found online.

Insure your business

There are eventualities that could hit your business and finish it. So it is advisable to insure yourself against these issues as soon as now. What you may need prior to buying insurance is the state’s approved contractor license. Though an extra cost, insurance gives your customers assurance that you are a great company. What is more, it gives you peace of mind just incase your tractors or other tools are stolen or you cause an accident in a client’s property.

Use Marketing approaches you defined in your plan

The secret to doing well in business is advertising and marketing it. The quickest way to promote your business is via business cards and fliers. You could purchase these from a local printing company or make your own at home. Then hang them all over your local area and give them to the people you already know. By so doing you will create awareness and might start to get sales. You should try to speak directly to potential customers as they will also spread the word to whoever they meet.


The best way to promote businesses today is via the internet. Though you should aim to open your own website some day, the biggest goal right now should be creating social media presence. People you cannot meet face to face are active on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Create a beautiful business profile and start to attract likes or followers. Getting people to like your page requires you to like theirs as well.

How to keep your turf Green and Attractive all Year Round

A regularly maintained lawn is attractive. It captures the eye from a distance. A nice-looking lawn is usually lush and green, creating such a peaceful environment. If you want to create such a beautiful lawn, you will have to spare time to learn how to do it. The basic needs include water, sunlight and fertilizer.

Once you start providing these basic needs to the lawn, it will start to look good. Your yard is special and it is upon you to discover what it requires to flourish. In order to assist you, we have shared a number of grass care tips for you to follow.

lawn mower

Preparing your soil

soil grass

The main aim should be elimination of weeds and ensuring that your soil does not clump together. Also, experts recommend knowing the PH value of your soil. There is do-it-yourself soil pH testing kits sold online by given nurseries and catalogs. What’s more, you can take a sample of your soil to a local agricultural agency, university or department for analysis.

Strip your area of all weeds along with their roots. Then till your soil up to a depth of six inches as this will break compacted soil and enhance its drainage. If you can access loam soil and compost to enrich your current soil, do it soon. You may mix equal parts of loam soil, top soil and sandy soil.

To prevent pooling of water, ensure that you create a small slope to enhance drainage. With a roller, pack down your soil and spread it with a metal rake. This step should be thorough and perfect as the next one will be about seeding.

Decide whether or not to seed your bed

If you want to make a lovely yard with healthy turf, the starting point is seeding your yard. If you have a big yard, rolling a layer of sod could be a little expensive. So you may need to plant the seeds personally via hydro-seeding or with hands. If you want to seed your lawn evenly, then hydro-seeding is the correct method of dispersal.

Watering grass

Watering Grass

Seed beds need to be watered deeply once a week. Shallow watering is not recommended because it encourages proliferation of the chinch bug, and discourages roots from extending deeper into the soil. If you have sandy soil, it will require more water because it dries out fast.

On the other hand, clay soil soaks water and stays wet a little bit longer than sandy soil. So one deep watering session a week may be enough for clay soil. Loam soil has the best drainage. If your yard is newly seeded, be sure to water daily for ten minutes utmost.

Afterwards, when your grass is a half inch tall, you can limit watering to once a day for 20 minutes. When grass is taller water it once a week, though deeply.


The most challenging decision to make with regard to mowing is mowing height. Many people cut their grass way too short, and this stresses their grass. But according to renowned gardening experts, such as Paul James, the Gardening by Yard host, cutting less is better.

You should set your mower deck to the highest position possible, ensuring that it is slicing only the top third of your turf per mowing session. When you leave your turf a little taller, it protects grass roots from the harsh weather and enhances its development.

You may wonder if leaving grass tall won’t force you to mow often. The truth is that cutting your grass shorter provokes it to grow quickly and before you know you are mowing it a second time.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, experts recommend feeding your lawn. The minimum time they advocate for is fertilizing your lawn two times a year. Spring and fall are the best seasons for fertilization process to take place. An extra feeding season can be done in the middle of summer.

Electric Lawn Mowers – Corded and Cordless Types and Their Benefits

Mowing the lawn is a popular activity during spring, summer and fall. Those who enjoy mowing have already bought the best self propelled lawn mower for their lawns. Among the mowers that are considered the most appropriate for small to moderate sized lawn include the electric models. Electricity is cleaner, quicker and more convenient than gas or fuel. So it is much more desirable mow quickly without polluting the environment. There are so many brands of electric mowers that customers often get confused when choosing the most appropriate mower for their lawn. This is why we have written this article to assist anybody who needs good insight prior to buying their electric mower. The following are nice points to know.

Electric Mower

Types of electric mowers

There are usually two types of mowers that are readily available today. These are cordless and corded self propelled electric mowers. The cordless model uses special batteries that can be recharged when the charge depletes. These are more preferred because there a few people who want to be bothered by a long cable when mowing.

Electric Lawn Mower

Some companies provide very durable batteries and their mowers have slots for two batteries. When one battery loses its charge the mower automatically switches the second battery that is full of charge. So be careful when investigating the appropriate equipment for your needs. Corded mowers are plugged into a power socket, of course.

These are suitable when one has a power outlet near the yard that needs to be mowed. This sort of mower has a long cord that is sometimes considered annoying to manage. How far you can mower with the corded mower is determined by the length of the cable. If you can manage the cable then you are good to go.

Corded models can therefore limit your mobility while the cordless models may limit your mowing time when the battery runs out of charge. Some cordless electric mowers can only provide one hour of mowing time. So you have to get an extra battery or plan your mow often to keep grass from becoming thick and tall.

Benefits of using an electric mower

When you decide to start using an electric lawn mower you will notice a number of advantages. The obvious benefit is that this mower is quick to start and use. It uses a motor that is set in motion with a press of a button. This is unlike gasoline lawn mowers that are started with pull cords.

electric Mower

Electric mowers, no matter the type, are more economical in the long run. Buying them is expensive, of course, but it is easy to manage over time because it is not directly affected by rising fuel costs. Electric mowers are non-pollutants and keep the environment clean and quiet because they do not make noise. Additionally, these models have no delicate spark plugs or air filters that require replacement on a regular basis.

Besides not being required to change oil, you will never worry about finishing gasoline before your mowing session is over. All you need is electric power either stored in a rechargeable battery or from an electric socket. Electric mowers use less energy than gas-powered mowers ever will and this makes them cheaper.

Choose the most appropriate electric lawn mower 

Once a homeowner has made a choice to purchase an electric mower, there are things they should focus on. First they should reflect on the whether the product is corded or cordless. Then they should look to purchase a mower with a wide cutting path. This means that the selected mower has to have a wide deck than average mowers do. A wide-decked machine saves your time as it mows a bigger radius at once. As you shop around, look for a model that gives you the mulching and bagging options. These two are very essential although side discharging unit is also good to have.


If you want to save time and money when mowing, choose an electric self propelled lawn mower today. It is easy to choose this mower if you can access and read product reviews. Just consider the fact that electric mowers are ideal for a third-acre plot or a smaller one.